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Facebook Unveils New Feature with the Aim to Disclose More People On-site


Facebook has recently announced that it is adding a new feature to the status update box, which will then allow you to post lists to the site. The motive behind this move is to encourage users to display more personal updates.

The list can be anything – your normal schedule, new year resolution, any place of interest that you would like to visit and so forth. What makes it more interesting is that you can now add emoji and background color to make your News Feed stand out.

Facebook Unveils New Feature with the Aim to Disclose More People On-site

However, there is a catch. You can only publish the list on the Android version of Facebook app. While plans are on to release this feature for iOS as well, it is not likely to come anytime soon. But iOS users can view the list of other people.

There is an increasing emphasis on involving the users and Facebook deliberately wants to provide a platform that will let then post more engaging content. There is no clear information as to how many entries can a user put. In addition to these, the social networking site is also running the risk of losing users, since people might use this new feature to post annoying updates, which might offend others.

Need Any Assistance related to Facebook!

Facebook is a fantastic platform and users do stand to gain a lot. The recent update aims to engage the users and offer them a chance to post updates that offer more insights into their day to day life. At the same, there are some who might have trouble accessing the account for some reason or the other.

Well, in such a scenario, the best possible solution would be to look for some external help. If you are looking for Facebook customer assistance , then it seems logical to use the toll-free number, so as to connect with the experts.

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